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  • The Best Self Defense Is A Good Offensive Strategy.

    Throughout the world violent attacks are on the rise. Self defense and security products are needed now more than ever. Knowing that your loved ones have the means to defend themselves can provide you with peace of mind when you're not around to protect them. Our non-lethal personal protection products such as stun guns, tasers, mace, and hidden cameras will provide you with a valuable survival tool that you can utilize if you're in danger.

    I used to drive trucks overnight in New York City making restaurant delivers. One night about 4am I was unloading supplies behind a restaurant when I saw 2 men walking toward the back of my truck. I immediately stopped what I was doing and jumped off the back of the truck. As I walked toward the passenger door to grab my mace pepper spray and flashlight, I heard footsteps behind me. As I turned around, I was attacked and held at gunpoint while 2 men robbed my work truck. From that day forward, I always carried my keychain pepper spray in my pocket.

    I had pepper spray in my truck, I just didn't think I would ever need to use it. I ended up going online to see what non-lethal personal defense products I could legally carry to defend myself while working at night. The first self defense product I purchased was a runt stun gun for my wife. I purchased an expandable steel baton with a belt clip holster to carry while working at night. I feel safer knowing I can jump off the back of my truck an immediately grab hold of a heavy duty reliable defense tool.

    The best self defense is a good offense. I've taken preventative steps to safeguard my family from danger. We've installed motion detectors, door and window alarms, and survival gear to prepare for emergency situations. While I'm out working at night, I can feel secure knowing that I took preventative measures to protect my family while I'm away from home.

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