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  • City By The Sea ASBURY PARK, NJ.

    Asbury Park has changed a great deal from when I was growing up. The city is now back to it's glory days. The beachfront is bringing many new visitors to our small city. Many people have decided to move into Asbury Park and buy homes. Main Street is finally being repaved and businesses are opening up all over the city. It's amazing to see people show so much love to Asbury Park, NJ. The economy within the city is booming. Asbury Park is not just a summer town, you can find events and celebrations taking place all year long.

  • The Asbury Park Times

    There's a lot of progress taking place in Asbury Park, NJ and it's happening fast. It definitely feels good to see the city reborn. The best thing about Asbury Park is the music culture. There's always something going on in the city to keep residents entertained. I look forward to spending summers in Asbury Park watching time roll away. Diversity is our strength in this seaside community.

  • Why You Should Buy A Nanny Cam

    Whether you have kids or you are looking to watch an elderly loved one, a nanny cam can be a great option to consider. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you will want to purchase a nanny cam.

    Reasons To Purchase A Nanny Cam:

    1. Peace Of Mind.

    One of the main reasons you might want to install a nanny cam whether you are going to be using it solely for the nanny and their time with your kids or not is to get peace of mind. You will be able to garner a lot of peace of mind knowing that your kids are safe and that you will have the ability to check in on them at any point. Being able to have peace of mind as a parent is priceless.

    2. It's Affordable.

    While these cameras might have been expensive in the past, you can find nanny cams even on a budget. Meaning, you will not have to make serious investments just to gain the advantages of having a nanny cam.

    3. Evidence.

    If you ever need to look back on your nanny cam to identify a specific situation or occurrence, you will have the video evidence to look back on. This will allow you to check to see whether or not you are dealing with a trustworthy person and it can allow you to have the right facts in front of you to help you make the best possible decision for yourself.

    4. Safety.

    Even when your kids are not being watched by the nanny, you are going to be able to tap into the security camera to check in on your home and see whether or not it is safe. This can be especially useful for those that might travel frequently. You will be able to turn your camera on while you go on your vacation which will allow you to have something to fall back on when it comes to knowing whether or not your house and everyone in it is safe.

    5. Two-Way Radio.

    Another good thing that you are going to get by installing a nanny camera in your home would be the ability to talk to your kids and/or whoever is in your home using the two-way communication. Some nanny cameras that you can purchase online come with the ability to talk to the person on the other end. This can make it easy to check in on things and to communicate with them.

    6. Pets.

    Another reason you might want to invest in a nanny camera would be to check in on your pets. If you have pets, you are likely well aware of how antsy you can get without knowing if they are doing well. By having a nanny camera in place, you can check in on your pets at any time.

    Overall, there are a lot of reasons to consider getting one. It can really help provide you with the peace of mind you need to go on about your day without worry.


  • Women's Safety Is A Top Priority!

    Why Women Need Protection When Alone

    Many women don't realize the dangers of being alone. If there is a stalker or someone who wishes to harm them, that person is waiting to find her alone. There are many great ways to be more cautious when being alone.  Here are some that a lot of women just don't think of or consider.

    Be More Vigilant

    When walking it's wise to use more vigilance. All women should carry a Mace pepper spray when traveling alone. Avoid making yourself a target and learn to "walk with purpose". By "walking with purpose" women will appear to be less vulnerable and less of a target. Focus on where you're going and look purposeful, even if you're just out for a stroll.

    Keep in mind if you're trudging along looking at your feet and not paying any particular attention to your surroundings, you're a target. Instead, look up and around you and know where you're at, at all times. Avoid appearing vulnerable, even if you're lost.

    If you see someone and they don't make eye contact, be more leary. If they do make eye contact mentally note whether or not they appear to be friendly or sinister. Do they appear too interested? If so, cross the street, step into a place of business or change your stride.

    In The Dark

    Always have some form of a flashlight when you're in the dark. We recommend the Runt stun gun with flashlight. Keep your keys between your fingers and at the ready. If needed, you can use your keys to jab at someone so that you can get away. If someone does frighten you, move away quickly.

    If someone attacks you, don't yell "rape" instead, yell "Fire" everyone will come running for a fire, they may shy away for a rape. Avoid areas that are seedy or frightening and if you must be in such an area know exactly where you're at and use the buddy system if at all possible.

    Use your cell phone and talk to a friend while you're walking if you're nervous. Tell your friend that you're in a specific location and to get help for you if you use a code word.

    Keep car doors locked and be very mindful as you enter your car that no one is hiding inside of, underneath of, or near your car as you're unlocking the door to enter your car. If you have to drop your bags to get into your car, then by all means, do so, things can be replaced, you can't.

    Learn To Listen To Your Inner Voice

    Women are gifted with a sixth sense. You may not consciously register something that sets you on edge, but your subconscious is registering it. If you have that feeling that something "isn't quite right", listen to it. This is the gift of fear and you need to obey it.

    Don't second guess your inner voice. If you step into an elevator, for example, and something seems wrong or the person on the elevator sends you strange vibes, step off the elevator and mumble something about you forgot something or whatever makes you most comfortable.

    Women need protection while alone and it begins with vigilance and knowledge. This just may save your life. Teach your daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends this information as well.



  • Self Defense Products to Protect You

    The world can be a friendly place and a scary place. To protect yourself from dangerous individuals, knowing self defense techniques can help. Self defense involves using force to defend yourself or to protect someone else from bodily harm. These techniques can be done without tools, such as karate, or they can be done with self defense products. What are some self defense products?

    1. Stun Gun -  Stun guns are legal in most states but not every state. So if you are going to use one, you’ll need to ensure that its legal for you to own one. A stun gun is a device shaped like a gun that is designed to immobilize a threat by administering an electric shock. No serious injury is caused to the perpetrator with the use of a stun gun.

    2. Pepper Spray - Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that will cause burning of the eyes, breathing problems and nausea. The use of the spray will incapacitate a threatening person enough to allow an individual to get away from the threat. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states.

    3. Whistle - A safety whistle is designed to give off a loud noise to alert those around you that you are facing harm. The best safety whistles can be heard at least a mile away. They should not only be loud, but they should be unbreakable and waterproof. The sound of the whistle is designed not to hurt a human’s ears.

    4. Tactical Pen - A tactical pen is a tool that looks like an ordinary pen, but it’s really a self defense tool. This pens come in various types and often include multiple tools. It can be used to flash light in a threat’s face, open a car window in an attempt to escape from danger, and more. It’s important to learn how to use a tactical pen for best results.

    5. Self-Defense Key Chain - Another kind of device that one can use to protect themselves is a self defense key chain with a pointed tip. These can be used to break a window, poke a perpetrator, etc. It’s important to learn how to use a self-defense key chain for best results.

    These are just some of the many self defense products that one can use to protect themselves from bodily harm. Acquire some of these products as well as join a self defense class for further information. Gaining as much knowledge as you can on how to defend yourself is a necessity I todays world. It can be the difference between life and death. Tools such as a tactical pen or a survival knife can be useful in situations involving automobiles for breaking windows and cutting seatbelts in emergency situations.

  • Do You Need One? Yes You Do.

    The Great Variety Of Self Defense Products - Do You Need One?

    Let's face it, self-defense is not a pleasant topic to talk about. The idea of someone attacking you, only to force you to defend yourself is not how you want to spend your time. Unfortunately, we live in a world where self-protection products hold a very big market share. And whether we want to accept it or not, investing in self defense products might be a necessity.

    For example, walking home from work late at night is a situation that probably calls for awareness. More specifically, you want to be prepared, just in case someone is following you. Now, it is great if you can physically protect yourself when you have the skills to do so. But it's not always enough to deter the attacker. And keeping in mind that you just want to get out of the danger zone, there are several non-lethal ways you can do this.

    In this article, you are going to get a quick breakdown of common self defense products. It's up to you if you want to get more specific. But here is a general idea of what you can expect to find once you start shopping.

    Stun Gun/Taser Gun

    Both the stun gun and the taser gun are popular choices for a specific reason. The amount of voltage it sends through the attacker will bring about immediate results. In other words, they are left harmless within a matter of seconds. The great thing about these self defense products is that you can choose between short and long range models. For example, the taser can shoot over a distance, while some stun gun models work well for close-range encounters.

    You should also know that they come in different shapes and sizes, which also translates into different qualities. Make sure you only go with a quality product you can trust under pressure.

    Mace/Pepper Spray

    Another great self defense product is mace or pepper spray. When it makes contact with the eyes of the assailant, it will dramatically disrupt their vision and provide you with an opportunity to act.

    Knives/Knuckle Dusters

    When used with skill and experience, knives and knuckle dusters can be very effective against attackers. Although, these are items that can make lights go off at the department store, so only use them in specific cases - like when you walk late at night.

    Do You Need It?

    Honestly, you never know when you are going to need one of the above-mentioned self defense products. What we do know is that people are getting attacked on a daily basis, and it doesn't hurt to be prepared for these situations. So, as a tip before you think about getting an effective tool to protect yourself with, get familiar with it.

    It is critical that you know everything about your product, including how to effectively use it against your attacker. You also want to test the product on a regular basis, just to make sure it is still in a functional condition and ready for action.

  • Importance of Home-Defense

    There will always be a need for home security products and surveillance cameras, partially because inequality is running rampant. Our cars come equipped with security systems, and stores hire guards to protect merchandise. Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world. I don't allow my wife to leave home without pepper spray and/or a stun gun in her possession. Home invasion is a major problem in America. There's nothing I value more than my families protection and yours. I would recommend that all women carry pepper spray and a stun gun for protection. As a criminal justice major, I came to understand that the police will arrive after the damage is already done. Self defense and Home Protection will always be a necessity in this modern world.

  • American Made

    There's nothing better than being made in America. The greatest country on earth. We have endless potential if we can overcome our differences and focus on our common unity, we are Americans. We must move forward, marching toward freedom, justice, and equality for all citizens of this great nation. We are guided by love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

    Happy Holiday's To All.

  • The Best Self Defense Is A Good Offensive Strategy.

    Throughout the world violent attacks are on the rise. Self defense and security products are needed now more than ever. Knowing that your loved ones have the means to defend themselves can provide you with peace of mind when you're not around to protect them. Our non-lethal personal protection products such as stun guns, tasers, mace, and hidden cameras will provide you with a valuable survival tool that you can utilize if you're in danger.

    I used to drive trucks overnight in New York City making restaurant delivers. One night about 4am I was unloading supplies behind a restaurant when I saw 2 men walking toward the back of my truck. I immediately stopped what I was doing and jumped off the back of the truck. As I walked toward the passenger door to grab my mace pepper spray and flashlight, I heard footsteps behind me. As I turned around, I was attacked and held at gunpoint while 2 men robbed my work truck. From that day forward, I always carried my keychain pepper spray in my pocket.

    I had pepper spray in my truck, I just didn't think I would ever need to use it. I ended up going online to see what non-lethal personal defense products I could legally carry to defend myself while working at night. The first self defense product I purchased was a runt stun gun for my wife. I purchased an expandable steel baton with a belt clip holster to carry while working at night. I feel safer knowing I can jump off the back of my truck an immediately grab hold of a heavy duty reliable defense tool.

    The best self defense is a good offense. I've taken preventative steps to safeguard my family from danger. We've installed motion detectors, door and window alarms, and survival gear to prepare for emergency situations. While I'm out working at night, I can feel secure knowing that I took preventative measures to protect my family while I'm away from home.

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